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Sergey David Ieffe (born 1984) is a ux designer, web developer, digital product, marketing specialist from Tel Aviv, Israel

Graphics, design, user experience, branding, agency are my main work subjects. I like to watch trendy movies, listening to dj music, and browsing digital design on Behance, Dribbble, Designspiration or else. 

I also rate on Awwwards. It's a very nice website.

Do you need a specialist advice or help with your project?


My services list includes graphic designing (logotypes, brand styles, etc.), full-stack websites solutions with ux, design, code (or no code), content, web promotion, and product design, etc. Hourly rate can start at 25 (USD), and I pick projects quite freely.

Graphic design

Logotype design

Corporate identity #stationery etc.

Illustration #drawing #3d

Infographics #datadesign

User experience

UX research

User interface design #ui

Full-stack UX design

Split testing #qa

Web design

One-page websites #landing

Business websites

No-code (CMS set up) #wp #wix etc.

Ecommerce #shopify #wooc etc.

Web dev

Frontend #angular #react #js #css

Backend #php  #python #java

No-code #sqrp #webflow #wix etc.

Product #saas #agile

Digital marketing

Search engine ads @google @bing

Social media marketing

Search engine optimization #seo

Content marketing #blogs etc.

Consulting and tuition

Marketing and design strategy

Digital transformation #dx

Website maintenance

Web hosting #dedicated #cloud


My own optimal preference are professional, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the web. This means that I supervise the whole process (or its part) of design, development and implementation from very beginning of the project till its final completion. Well-balanced and not over expensive are the main tags, as we give efforts to create tech-savvy and user-centered solutions.

Responsive/adaptive digital layout

 Responsive and fast

Websites look consistent and load faster on all major device types like smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, smart-TV, etc.



Inclusive design produces digital solutions of high quality and integrity, accessible to as many humans as possible.

Affordable solutions


All our digital production isn't too pricey for the sake of optimum and fair approach to planning technology solutions and time frames.

Sustainability preference


Acceptance of essential principles of sustainability on the web along with attention care for environment and a choice of greener tech.


I like to work as my web studio, team member, business consultant or even a friend. I was starting as a software developer and web designer in the early millennium

My work experience is more than five full years. It’s a lead web designer level. I’m also a front-end developer, senior graphic designer, brand manager, digital product manager, digital strategy consultant, digital marketing manager, writer, creative director, graphic artist

Web designing and digital marketing aren't my current main business, however I work on a few projects per year. This web page is merely my very demo page. The idea was to prove a little that Google Sites is enough ok to be. 

Yeah. I’m into contemporary digital fashion and art anyhow and somehow, so expect some attention. I endorse nice creativity, smooth ux design and sustainable approach. I’m sure it helps to solve many current problems on the web.

Ieffe, Sergey David (Heb.: סרגיי דוד יפה) a double first name, however it doesn't exclude the name as Sergey only. Friends and colleagues may call me either Sergey or David (Dave), or Sergey David at once. 

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Recent portfolio will be published on my studio website. Meanwhile you can send me an inquiry.











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Shlomi K
🟠 🟠 🟠 🟠 🟠

Sergey, helped me with a UX review, providing clear and professional insights. I recommend anyone who are considering him, to choose him for the job. 

Erik T
🟠 🟠 🟠 🟠

Nice work. Not very really creative design, but quite clear. Studio with an attitude. Would recommend. 


🟠 🟠 🟠 🟠 🟠

Sergey Ieffe and his studio provided awesome advice and insights for our brand and its digital strategy. It helped our creative direction, digital structure and seo. Great job.